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50 Translucent crystal clear balls FREE Delivery
50 Translucent crystal clear balls FREE Delivery
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50 Translucent crystal clear balls FREE Delivery

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Simply add water and within 24 hours beautiful large crystal-clear balls. Widely used in the cultivation of indoor plants, decorative daffodil pools, flower arrangements, crystal candlesticks, water cluster decorations, urban people's desks, Christmas gifts, daily home greening, etc. You can also Use fragrance raw materials Crystal beads absorb fragrance, keep the fragrance lasting, and can be used repeatedly. It is widely used in solid air fresheners, aromatic deodorants, etc. It is an ideal raw material for aromatic daily chemicals. It can be placed in wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, pillows, drawers, interiors, handbags, toilets, etc. It can also be placed in various crafts. It has both decorative effects and improved air quality effects - oxidizing air, repelling mosquitoes, decomposing second-hand smoke, eliminating odors, calming the mind, relieving stress, etc. Crystal beads are crystal clear and sleek, and are widely used in aquarium decoration, candlestick decoration, and various crafts and accessories. CLICK ON image/collage - 9 BEAUTIFUL PICS.